Ranchlands is seeking a ranch or partnership with a ranch owner as a home for a herd of 1000+ buffalo. For details email info@ranchlands.com. We are also now accepting ranch management proposals/inquiries.

Guest Services 

Ranchlands views land not just as a home for livestock, but as a multidimensional resource for business diversification. To this end, Ranchlands engages with the land, owners and managers to develop mutually desirable objectives that lay the groundwork for profitability and recreation. We have developed programs that attract guests from around the world who are interested in nature, conservation, and ranching. We have also developed a significant large and small game hunting operation, fishing program, birding programs, art exhibitions, and other land-based programs that can be duplicated on other ranches according to the owner’s wishes.

Alternatively, some ranch owners are not interested in establishing recreational amenities for business development, and instead want to enjoy their ranches with their families, friends and business associates. Ranchlands’ experience with hospitality services can oversee this aspect and make sure that personal desires are met so that every visit to the ranch exceeds expectations. This begins with a staff on the ranch who is supportive and facilitates the owners’ involvement with the day to day activities on the ranch, taking care of personal horses and equipment, maintenance, food preparation, and other services.


anchlands offers turnkey management services to ranch owners interested in the long-term appreciation of their asset by establishing a management program that emphasizes a high land stewardship ethic supported by a strong ranching business that pays its own way without the need for subsidies.

When assuming management of a property, we begin by creating a detailed management plan that focuses on the health of the land, using cattle as an important tool to accomplish our objectives. Our business structure offers owners a hassle-free ownership experience that facilitates full enjoyment of their property with no out-of-pocket expense.

If the ranch owner is interested, Ranchlands will create a study that explores the opportunities to develop land-based businesses with the objective of generating a return on investment. In addition to hospitality, hunting and fishing, ecotourism, and the arts, business opportunities can include ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, wetland mitigation banking, and conservation easements. Ranchlands will then initiate and provide management for that plan if desired.

How it Works

Our business model operates on the premise that a livestock operation pays for the cost of owning the land asset and the maintenance of the facilities and infrastructure, and it provides the income and platform to implement a high conservation standard. Ranchlands will create a business structure that is focused on the owner’s specific objectives that includes a detailed reporting process outlining progress toward conservation and other established objectives.

Staffing Our Ranches

Ranchlands sees itself as the facilitator in finding the appropriate ranch for young ranch managers, and the appropriate manager for ranch owners, and then providing the structure and general oversight to ensure that this partnership is successful. When a strong core of existing personnel is already on site, Ranchlands is also capable of providing high-level support for the day-to-day management team.

People are the most important aspect of any business. Our ranch managers are trained through our Management Guild to become skilled ranch managers. These management trainees have detailed involvement in the day-to-day work and responsibilities of our ranch operations, which means that each property's business plan will be executed effectively, professionally, and transparently.

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