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Ranchlands Stay

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anchlands Stay, including Ranchlands Camps and Ranchlands Experiences, began in 2000 on the Chico Basin Ranch, and today is available on three of six ranches that we manage across 295,000 acres in three states. Guests on our ranches have the opportunity to experience a number of activities ranging from small intimate homestays and upscale tent camps to simple and tasteful lodge settings. Ranchlands Stays offer opportunities to visit each ranch to learn about nature, ranching and the role it plays in protecting the ecosystem and wildlife that it sustains.

We are excited to offer you this rare chance to experience modern day working American Ranches.

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Ranchlands Camps
are based out of extraordinary tent camps that place you in the heart of each ranch. Experiences are singular to each location and focus on a special theme or features unique to that property, taking you into the core of ranch life. Our tent camps, complete with hot showers, beds, cook and specially prepared meals, travel to Ranchlands properties to provide you with an experience that explores ranching, one America’s oldest living traditions. 

Ranchlands Experiences invite you to live and work on one of our ranches and join the ranch crew in daily work. It is a chance to join in gathering a pasture, moving a herd, branding, checking fences, welding in the shop or helping in the leather room. It is a rare opportunity to go beyond being merely an observer of real life ranching and to join in and be part of it.

Ranchlands Stays are currently available on the following ranches:

CHICO BASIN RANCH - Colorado - 90,000 acres

Chico vacations are rewarding because the intimate atmosphere allows guests to fully immerse themselves in ranch life. Guests head out at sun up to work on horseback gathering a pasture or moving a herd and in the afternoons, ride out for more horseback work, depending on livestock needs, or go out to check water, repair fence, work in the shops – every day is different. With only a handful of guests at a time – usually pairs and rarely more than six—guests are able to learn by becoming actively involved in the day’s work. And because the work that we do is essential to our operation, guests feel a strong sense of contribution at the end of their stay and become part of our community. Lodging is simple but comfortable in May Camp, a historic adobe building. Guests prepare their own breakfast and sack lunch to eat while out working, and join ranch crew in their homes for supper.

Adults: $1995/6 nights;  $350/3-5 nights
Children: $1596/6 nights; $280/3-5 nights

ZAPATA RANCH - Colorado - 103,000 acres

Zapata Ranch offers extensive programs based around horseback riding and nature programs, and also the opportunity to experience life on a working cattle and bison ranch while enjoying high-end amenities and gourmet food. Guests who desire a working ranch experience are welcome alongside our wranglers and ranch staff on various ranch projects. Or for those seeking to just experience the ranch and surroundings, horseback rides through the herd of 2,000 wild bison or the neighboring Great Sand Dunes National Park are favorites. The staff at Zapata specializes in creating tailored itineraries for each guest to ensure that each person has an exceptional stay.

Adults: $2765 / 7 nights;  $2670 / 6 nights; $2400 / 5 nights; $2000 / 4 nights; $1530 / 3 nights; $375 / night for 7+ nights

Children (6-8): $2212 / 7 nights; $2136 / 6 nights; $1920 / 5 nights; $1600 / 4 nights; $1224 / 3 nights

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