Ranchlands is seeking a ranch or partnership with a ranch owner as a home for a herd of 1000+ buffalo. For details email info@ranchlands.com. We are also now accepting ranch management proposals/inquiries.

Ranchlands is the culmination of what Duke  

has been doing and working towards his whole

life and it is a pleasure to see it all come


- Dale Lasater

Allan Savory

As a pioneer in holism and land management, Allan Savory has produced the most important thinking and has had a deeply influential impact on conservation throughout the world today. As one of our valued mentors, he taught us to look at the land in a way that has changed the way we look at life, the natural world, and especially the impact of grazing. His ideas in planning and holism have revolutionized the way ranches worldwide are run, and indeed, the way we manage ours.

William D. Sanders

Bill, one of our country's business giants, has described himself as a developer of people. His business principles are the foundation of our own business - most importantly, having a highly focused, comprehensive business plan. He has played a large role in our success in the ranching business.

Ray Hunt & Bud Williams

The work that these two men have done with animals changed the way we think and move around all living creatures. Working horses and cattle is our passion, and if it weren't for these men, we would probably not be doing what we are doing today.

Banner photo by Mark Manger
Left column photo by Hans Bertschi

f it weren't for the hard work, kindness, and intelligence of many people, Ranchlands would not exist. Their innovation and independent thinking have set the bar at the highest possible level. We would like to give credit and express our deep appreciation to these people for their ideas and inspiration that we incorporate in managing our ranches.

The Lasater Family

The Lasater Family's work in genetic reproduction and in rangeland ecology is legendary. Range specialists have described many sections of their Colorado ranch as being in an ecologically pristine condition. Beefmaster cattle originated on the Lasater Ranch where they were developed to live in harmony with nature and have done so since 1935. Their ideas, imbued throughout Ranchlands' operations, form the backbone of our operating philosophy. They are viewed as being the most important component of our ranching model. Duke grew up spending time on Laurie Lasater's (CEO of Isa Cattle Company) ranches in Mexico and San Angelo, Texas, where he spent invaluable time learning about ranching in his formative years.

Dale Lasater

Dale Lasater, managing partner of the Dale Lasater Ranch in Matheson, Colorado, took time off during a sabbatical to teach Duke fifth grade at his home in Mexico. In their free time, they rode horses through the mountains of Northern Mexico, setting the stage for a life-long bond. Later, Duke worked for Dale in Matheson for ten years, learning about land stewardship, cattle genetics, cattle marketing, agricultural business principles, and financing. They continue to work closely together today and their friendship has become a brotherhood, which has greatly changed Duke's life.

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