Ranchlands is seeking a ranch or partnership with a ranch owner as a home for a herd of 1000+ buffalo. For details email info@ranchlands.com. We are also now accepting ranch management proposals/inquiries.


Chico Basin hosts over 3,000 members of the public each year who come to learn about ranching, nature, ecology, and other subjects. Visit our education section to learn more about our education programs.


hico Basin Ranch is an 87,000 acre ranch owned by the state of Colorado, managed by Ranchlands since 1999. The primary income producer for the Chico is its cattle business, running a combination of seed stock Beefmasters, commercial cow calf, stocker and short term speculative cattle investments. Under Ranchlands management, the ranch has won multiple conservation awards and hosts education programs for over 3,000 people each year. To supplement the cattle business, Chico Basin also includes a diversified complex of enterprises that range from hunting, fishing, and hospitality, to art exhibitions, concerts, grass fed beef, and the sale of leather goods produced on the ranch.


The backbone of the Chico Basin Ranch is a 2,000 - 2,500 head cattle herd, consisting of Beefmaster seedstock, commercial cows, yearlings, and short-term speculative cattle investments.


Chico Basin Ranch offers a working ranch experience, with guests accompanying ranch staff in their daily activities, including moving, sorting, and branding cattle, or mending fences, irrigating and working in the shop. Visitors eat meals with ranch staff and are housed in a guest complex adjacent to the ranch manager apprentice home.


Hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation activities at Chico Basin are coordinated through Box T Cowboys. The ranch offers large and small game hunting, including wild and put and take upland bird hunting. The ranch’s numerous lakes offer opportunities for fishing.Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory also operates a bird banding station on the ranch during certain parts of the year. The ranch has birding and wildlife viewing opportunities as well. For information on these programs and more, please visit our Box T Cowboys website.

Visit the Chico Basin Ranch website for more information.

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