Ranchlands is seeking a ranch or partnership with a ranch owner as a home for a herd of 1000+ buffalo. For details email info@ranchlands.com. We are also now accepting ranch management proposals/inquiries.

Cattle are a tool that we use for ecological

restoration and conservation.


anchlands' roots originate in cattle ranching, and ranching is the backbone of all of our business enterprises. We run a diversified cattle operation that includes seedstock cattle, commercial mother cows, yearlings, and short-term, speculative cattle investments.

We manage our cattle to live in their natural environment to the highest degree possible. This means we do not shoot coyotes, but sell the cow who loses her calf because other cows were able to defend their calf. We do not use wormers or pesticides, but instead sell any animal that becomes anemic due to parasites. When heifers calve, we keep only the ones that had no difficulty calving. We do not breed for color or shape, but let the natural elements dictate which animals will leave the most progeny behind. We do not select replacement females by visual appraisal, but by their performance in native range conditions.

We also use our cattle as tools for ecological restoration and conservation. By rotating our cattle among pastures according to our grazing plan, we replicate the natural cycles of grazing followed by rest and rejuvenation that mimics the way the great American grasslands evolved in tandem with large bison herds. For more on how we use our cattle to achieve conservation goals, please view our Conservation page.

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