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Landowner of the Year

Excellence in Rangeland Conservation Award




  • Funding contribution and hosts of Fall and Spring Migratory Bird Banding Stations in partnership with The Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory and Colorado Parks and Wildlife - 2002 to Present

  • Annual Chico and Black Squirrel Creek Amphibian and Fishery survey with Colorado Parks and Wildlife

  • Birds, Bugs, and Bees - Ranch wide survey of wildlife involving public volunteers - 2002 to 2008

  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science surveys on spiders, moths, and Dung Beetles

  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science Moth Survey - discovered two unlisted species during moth research survey - 2013

  • Annual Colorado Christmas Bird Count

  • Perched Spring research and core sampling to determine climatic history with University of Colorado Boulder

  • Ongoing conservation inventory studies with Colorado Natural Heritage Program - 2002 to Present

  • Bison and Elk study with USGS to determine grazing patterns and impact on forage resources of elk and bison grazing on the same ranges

  • http://www.fort.usgs.gov/Bison/Ranchlands worked with USGS researchers to collar Elk and collar and implant Bison over several years during the annual Medano Zapata Ranch bison gather - 2005 to 2009


  • Over 60 Land EKG monitoring transects and 25 permanent, photo points have been installed and are monitored bi-annually on a rotating basis; Each transect has several photo points, analysis hoops that are monitored for land health indicators, and a movable range cage to aid in monitoring annual re-growth; Data, including precipitation and grazing history, is entered in the Land EKG database as monitoring occurs - 2001 to Present
  • 20 (1-5 acre) electric fence and barbed wire exclosures for conservation, monitoring, and protection of revegetation projects

Conservation Intervention

  • Comprehensive multi-partner project and study to eradicate and/or remove almost 400 acres of Russian Olive and Tamarisk from wetlands areas with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, The Colorado State Land Board, The Nature Conservancy, The Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory, NRCS, and the Soil Conservation District - 2003 to 2013
  • Associated Native Plant Revegetation and Protective Exclosure Project with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers and The Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory; 12 exclosures have been constructed to protect over 200 cottonwoods and thousands of willows and native shrubs such as Choke Cherry, Wild Plumb, and Service Berry that have been planted to provide alternative habitat for resident and migrant birds - 2010 to Present
  • Aggressive program implemented to prevent a small infestation of Burdock and Russian Knapweed from spreading throughout Chico Basin Ranch - 2010 to Present
  • Prescribed grazing intervention at San Luis State Park for Colorado Parks and Wildlife
  • Revegetation project with prescriptive grazing to reclaim and rehabilitate former golf course

Conservation Infrastructure Improvements

  • Nearly 40 Miles of new pipeline to allow for cattle consolidation and protection of wetlands resources
  • 22 new high capacity water tanks to allow for cattle consolidation and protection of wetlands resources
  • Nearly 35 miles of new, permanent electric fence, to intensify soil surface disturbance, increase rest, and protect wetlands
  • Countless miles of temporary electric fence utilized
  • Development of streamlined portable fencing construction systems and used intensively 


  • Habitat improvement, Juniper plantings, and fencing exclosures with Colorado Parks and Wildlife
  • Upland bird habitat improvement and food plots with Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever - 2011, 2012
  • Fisheries improvement with Pikes Peak Fly Fisherman's Club - 2012
  • Construction of wildlife and cattle fencing exclosure to protect Arkansas Darter site with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Fountain Valley School - 2012
  • Construction of nesting boxes for waterfowl
  • Implementation of livestock ladders for wildlife trapped inside water troughs


  • K-12 school programs bring over 2,000 children annually to the ranches for the Bird Banding Station, Wetlands and Prairie Ecology Tours, and education about principals of conservation and ranching - 2000 to Present
  • Annual Fountain Valley School Freshman 5-day Ranch Experience Camp, introducing students to conservation and ranching through hands-on experience - 2000 to Present
  • Link School Ranching Experience Camp - 2010
  • Outdoor classroom and research site for Colorado College science and conservation classes - 2000 to Present

Conferences & Seminars

  • Global Conference - Whole Land, Healthy People - A Celebration of Holistic Management, Keynote by Allan Savory - 2001
  • Continuing Education Series in Holistic Management, Grazing, Planning, and Resource Management - Kirk Gadzia, Resource Management Services - 2000 to 2010
  • Keying Grasses, Plant ID with Alan Carpenter, Land Stewardship Consultants - 2005 to 2011
  • Grass Identification Seminar with the Colorado Native Plant Society - 2010, 2011
  • Land EKG Monitoring 101 with Charley Orchard and the Soil Conservation District - 2001, 2011

Conservation Ranching Tours

  • Colorado Farm Bureau
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Society for Range Management
  • Colorado State Land Board Commissioners
  • American Birding Association
  • Audubon Society
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Colorado State University
  • Colorado College 
Left column photo 4 by Kathy Turner
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